Bonell Ryan Executive Search is a boutique, retained executive search firm serving the following industries -  FinTech, Payments, Consumer Banking, eCommerce and Retail.




The firm has been established for 20+ years with a single focus: to advance the vital work and mission of its clients by providing high-impact, transformational talent. Bonell Ryan prides itself in partnering with both its clients and candidates to efficiently and effectively complete each search without compromising on the skills required and necessary cultural fit.


The firm is known for its transparency and open communication. Bonell Ryan also has a long-standing reputation for creating and maintaining solid relationships with key executives across the industries in which it specializes, affording the firm quick and broad penetration into the marketplace as searches commence.



Bonell Ryan's clients are Fortune 500 industry leaders and early and late stage start-ups.   


“I have known Deb for over 20 years. Deb has done the vast majority of my VP and executive recruiting for most of that time. I have used many firms, but Deb has always outperformed others in delivering me talent that meets a rather high standard that I set.  There is never an important job I search for that I don’t give Deb and never has she failed me.  Perhaps the best measure is that many of the folks who she recruited have escalated to C level positions or positions one down at large companies.”
      - Gary Marino – EVP, Chief Commercial Officer - PayPal

“Bonell Ryan Inc. is one of the best in the business.  Having Deb work on a search for you is like having your own team.  They know our company as well as we do – and they understand the importance of the cultural fit in sourcing executives.  Deb has built something special.  We all could learn a bit about excellent customer service from her.”
      - Carlo Frappolli – Head of Talent - JP Morgan Chase


“Deb Ryan and her firm are dedicated and passionate about their role in bringing executive talent into organizations. I have known Deb for several decades, both as a candidate and a client. Deb and her associates at Bonell Ryan have always maintained a very strong mixture of professionalism, integrity and transparency throughout the hiring process. Deb and her team do a fantastic job of providing clients with a high quality, diverse and talented slate of candidates, even the most difficult positions, while also considering the candidate’s feelings and perspective throughout the process - keeping the individual informed and updated. when working ona difficult search the firm is very diligent and persistent in ensuring success.”
      - Susan Schmidt, placed as the Head of US Consumer Credit at PayPal

“Deb and team at Bonell Ryan were amazing.  I've worked with executive recruitment firms prior and Bonell Ryan was top notch.  They were very thorough in the upfront steps, taking the time to properly screen me, help me understand the role and prepare me prior to the interview process.  Deb acted as a consultant throughout the interview and offer stage, helping me match my skills to the role / interview panel and finally secure an offer.  I was constantly kept updated and engaged; we always had a next step established and I trusted Deb to identify what was next.  Wonderful team!"
      - David Bruce, placed as the Head of Global Partner Development at PayPal

“Deb is a world class executive recruiter.  What makes her the best in her class is that she has always wanted to find the right role for me, and I always felt she was on my side.  Finding the right role can be tricky, but Deb is a very astute read of complicated situations and is laser focused on achieving the right outcome.  She brings years of experience dealing with executive candidates, and that easily comes across in her advice, accessibility, preparedness and professionalism.  I am a big fan of Deb!"
      - Gagan Kanjlia, placed as the Chief Product Officer at OnDeck